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Re: Ultra 1 speed as router?

Measuring speed through a cable modem is a really poor evaluation.  Is
the interface in full duplex or half, what other traffic on Comcast's
network or the Internet is interfering with your traffic?  Are you using
ICMP, TCP or UDP packets?  It matter's.

A better interface measurement would be to test the interface with a
file transfer internal to your network.  You might also look at traffic
shaping software (wondershaper) to improve throughput as well.

I'm using a Ultra 1 for this exact purpose.  I have a 4x10M card and a
4X100M card in the U1 (that I'm not using) and I haven't ever
experienced a speed issue that I would directly attribute to the U1.

I am using shorewall and also running openvpn on the U1.


On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 21:23 -0600, John Zbesko wrote:
> So I measured my Comcast cable broadband speed both directly to an AMD64
> FX PC and then through my Ultra 1 with 10Mbit onboard ethernet connected
> to the cable modem and a 100Mbit card facing the AMD64 (through a
> gigabit switch.)
> The download speed through the Ultra is 80% of the direct connection and
> the upload speed is less than half, 47%! (4103kbps vs. 5044kbps and 168
> vs. 358)
> The Ultra has been updated and is running 2.4.27-3-sparc64. Firestarter
> is my choice for configuring a firewall. The Ultra is also running
> Apache2, X, dhcp and samba servers, sshd and has 384 MB RAM.
> Is this expected?! Should I just give up on this obsolete hardware?
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