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Ultra 1 speed as router?

So I measured my Comcast cable broadband speed both directly to an AMD64
FX PC and then through my Ultra 1 with 10Mbit onboard ethernet connected
to the cable modem and a 100Mbit card facing the AMD64 (through a
gigabit switch.)

The download speed through the Ultra is 80% of the direct connection and
the upload speed is less than half, 47%! (4103kbps vs. 5044kbps and 168
vs. 358)

The Ultra has been updated and is running 2.4.27-3-sparc64. Firestarter
is my choice for configuring a firewall. The Ultra is also running
Apache2, X, dhcp and samba servers, sshd and has 384 MB RAM.

Is this expected?! Should I just give up on this obsolete hardware?

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