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Problems booting Sun Blade 100

Hi all,

I would be appreciated if someone could give me some help:

There is an installation report (please refer to
for detailed info) on a Sun Blade 100 machine.

This machine doesn't boot with recent daily builds of the
debian-installer (2.6.17 or 2.6.18 kernels). Boot up hangs
at "Booting linux ..".

Frans Pop suggested to try with boot argument
"video=atyfb:off", but the bugreport submitter wrote me,
that he is unable to give additional boot parameters, because
he don't know where the cursor actually is and there are messed
up characters on the screen.
(I am partly unsure about what he's talking, he is not very
precise with his comments and his english is a problem as well, 
I think. As I don't own a sparc machine, I cannot try this out.)

This machine contains Openfirmware, correct?

Are there problems known ahout this (messed up display etc.)?

Can someone give me instructions how to add additional boot
parameters to that machine? Are there any special things to

Thanks a lot



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