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Re: Boot sparc 60

On Mon, 2006-12-11 at 10:02 +0000, Simon Tyler wrote:
> Does anyone know how to boot an ultra sparc 60 without the use of a
> floppy drive or a cd drive?  I know it sounds impossible, however,
> until I get hold of a cd drive I canʼt do anything with it.  I can
> plug it into my hub at home which has a pc running Suse Linux, I canʼt
> log into it because the company I bought it from has left their
> password login on solaris.  So I just need to format the drive and
> start again, somehow?
> Can anyone suggest anything.  As youʼve guessed, Iʼm new to this. 

boot net
at the openprom prompt should netboot the machine.  Alternatively,
remove the hard disk, plug into another machine (assuming it can read
Sun disk labels - if not it's only a kernel compile to fix), saw off the
relevant password and reassemble.


 - Martin

FWIW I'm not sure Ultra 60s can boot from floppy.

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