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Re: Debian R31r2 on Sun Ultra


I have that Debian release working on an ultra sparc from the default
installation.  However, the keyboard which is identified as a mskeyboard has
all the keys shifted to the right--  the key s is prints an 'a' the key d
prints an 's' the key f prints a 'd' etc.,  the same on the numberic keypad,
the function keys print assorted characters.  I am using a sun keyboard type
6 with the sunmouse connected to the keyboard.  The computer can be used to
play games only since there is only control of text.

I would appreciate help in fixing the keymap. Thanks in advance.

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I have manage to get Debian R31r2 on a Sun Ultra
instead of SunSparc 5. I am able to load the software.
Start the OS. Initially I do have issue with the
graphic card as I am using TurboXGX. Manage to find so
good advise from the Debian List. I am able to get the
X-windows to be working. But there is another issue i

1)I am able to login to Debian X-windows. But I am not
able to get the mouse to move. it seems hang it there.
so Question. could it be wrong type I select. (I am
using the sun keyboard and 3 button mouse)

2) How do I stop the x-windows from starting when I
reboot. so I can reconfigure?

3) What is the command for reconfigure. I forgot to
jog it down. cant rem. it is something like
dpkg-reconfigure XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Appreciate all the expert advise. Thanks alot.

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