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Re: X on ultra sparc 30

On Thursday 13 July 2006 17:33, Jeffrey Maples wrote:
>  have a Sun Ultra 30 creator with a strange graphics card. I have been head
> over heals trying to figure out what it is. I have taken it out, and found
> nothing on it that tells me what chipset it is. I have successfully
> installed debian-sparc on this machine, but No matter what I do, when I try
> to start X it gives me the no screens found error. I tried this on generic
> vesa, vga, and fbdev drivers.


I assume you have console video working.  Here are several things you can do.

1. There is a line in your dmesg kernel boot log that says what kind of video 
was detected.  It will probably include the string "afb" or "ffb" and 
usually "fb0".  What does 
   dmesg |grep fb


2. If the card is a full-length card that goes into a non-PCI slot, it should 
be either a Creator or Elite card.  Both use the same Xfree or Xorg driver, 

3. Does your case say either "Elite" or "Creator" on it?  (I've never seen an 
Ultra 30; my two Ultra 60's have Elite and Creator emblazoned on their front 

If you do have a Creator or Elite, what you do next depends on the Debian 
release.  For Etch (Testing) or Sid (unstable), you will need to install the 
Debian Sid package called xserver-xorg-video-sunffb.  Then edit your 

If you're using Debian Sarge, the sunffb driver is part of xserver-xfree86 and 
you only need to edit your XF86Config.conf to say "sunffb" where you 
stuck "fbdev" etc.

If your card is an Elite 3D one, you'll also need to install the afbinit 
package.  That further requires a bit of non-distributable binary firmware 
from Solaris, that the afbinit documentation describes.

With my luck you have a Sun PCI video card and the above will have been a 
waste :^)

> I 
> have no idea how to go into the cmos, (if there is such a thing) on this
> sparc station.

Press "Stop" and "a" at the same time, before the kernel starts booting.

On a machine with a working X :^), Google for 

   sun openboot

for syntax.

> This is the first sparc ive ever dealt with. I know 
> linux/ubuntu quite well on x86 and ppc machines. I have searched the net up
> and down, and can't find anything pertaining to my problem. Is this
> something that is supposed to work? or not? Any help would be appreciated.

It's supposed to work, but it usually hasn't on Sparcs.  There's a Debian Wiki 
xorg-on-sparc page established by Jurij Smakov to help with this config, and 
Jurij is right now trying to improve autodetection.  (See his 7/7 
message   "xorg hardware detection - please test" on this mailing list.)  
Once you get your own config working, please consider entering your 
parameters on the Wiki page.

-- good luck, SP

> Thanks in advance,
> Jeff [image: Edit/Delete
> Message]<http://www.ubuntuforums.org/editpost.php?do=editpost&p=1247918>

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