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'Illegal instruction' during boot


Quite a few people tested the new silo (thanks a lot!) and reported that it fails *after* loading kernel and initrd with 'Illegal instruction' message, or just hangs after the 'Booting Linux' message. Unfortunately, this is not the problem which new silo is supposed to address, so it is only relevant if that's a regression compared to the old silo versions - please let me know ASAP if that's the case!

Since we have so many people who can reproduce it, I would very much appreciate a detailed report. It would be very useful if you would do the following:

1. Use some CD image which can be unambigously identified and causes problem. Include the download location and MD5/SHA1 sum of the image used. I recommend using http://www.wooyd.org/debian/silo/sparc-mini.iso

2. Boot from CD-ROM until you are dumped to prom (after 'Illegal instruction' message) or press Stop-A to get to prom if the machine hanged.

3. Issue a 'ctrace' command at the 'ok' prompt, and includ as much output as possible with your report. Hopefully, this will allow us to identify the problem.


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