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RAID1- duplicating partition schema on to spare disk

I have a Sunfire v240 server running Debian etch and have it successfully
booting off a RAID1 array. Normally on an x86 machine, if a disk in the raid
array fails you can easily replicate the partition schema from the remaining
disk on to a spare disk by doing:

# sfdisk -d /dev/sda | sfdisk /dev/sdb

You can then simply add the disk back in to the array with mdadm. However I
am unsure how you can quickly duplicate the partition schema on a sparc
machine as there is no sfdisk available. This is is kinda important in the
event of a disk failure for getting the spare disk operational quickly. I
also wanted to to use this technque so I can build an indentical clone of
the array in the server for use in another v240 server I have (it would save
me having to set it up by hand if I let RAID build me a clone which I can
then put in the other server).

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions they would be greatly appreciated :)

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