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Re: HyperSPARC patches (?)

On Sun, 23 Apr 2006, Ludovic Court�wrote:

I tried running 2.6.16 UP (from the package currently in the archive)
but ran into various problems which I'll describe in another mail...

Please do, if it's the problem with esp not included in initrd, it's a known issue, you just need to add the module manually at this point.

Sorry for not being more responsive and helpful.  I'll need to go ahead
and cross-compile my sparc32 kernels from my U5 at some point.  ;-)

The official kernels for sparc32 are built on sparc64, so if you'll get the official source package, you can apply your patches and rebuild it just for the sparc32 flavour (see kernel-handbook.alioth.debian.org for details).

Or, can you make 2.6.14 UP kernel packages available somewhere?

Sorry, I don't think I've ever built 2.6.14. You can try putting the debian directory from 2.6.16 into the 2.6.14 tree and see what happens, if you feel like an adventure :-).

Best regards,

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