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Re: HyperSPARC patches (?)

On Mon, 3 Apr 2006, BERTRAND Jo�wrote:


I have a SparcSTATION 20 with dual SuperSPARC-II/75, 448 MB of RAM, and a 4MB-VSIMM for the internal CG14. It runs fine with a linux kernel (official / no-SMP). If I replace both processors by one (or two) HyperSPARC/200 (from ROSS), the workstation boots but... dpkg returns segfaults, esp driver seems to be broken (SCSI bus reset...)... Is there anywhere a patch to fix this ? I have seens some patches for 2.6.11 kernel (sparc32-hypersparc-srmmu.patch), but no one for recent kernel.

	Any idea ?

Hm, I believe that no patches should be necessary. I've finally managed to install 2.6.16 on my ss20 with hypersparc processor, it worked ok so far, but I wasn't really stressing it. From experience, it is really picky about memory layout, and a total of 448MB strikes me as slightly odd. Try leaving something like 128MB and see whether the situation will improve.

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