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Re: Xine, Totem crashes

On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Chance Platt wrote:

Ok, I tried building xine-ui and libxine1 with debugging options (by
setting DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS to "debug nostrip" and then apt-get -b source
<each package>).  I'm not sure if it actually worked, because the
backtrace is rather anemic, but here goes:

chance@debian:~$ gdb /usr/bin/xine core.1285

(gdb) bt
#0  0x70180cbc in _x_cache_plugin_get_instance ()
from /usr/lib/libxine.so.1
#1  0x77863258 in ?? ()
from /usr/lib/xine/plugins/1.0.1/xineplug_dmx_qt.so
#2  0x77863258 in ?? ()
from /usr/lib/xine/plugins/1.0.1/xineplug_dmx_qt.so

Ok, it corrupts stack pretty badly, so there is not much we can tell about it. However it identifies xineplug_dmx_qt.so plugin as a likely culprit, is there a way to disable its loading to see whether it works properly without it?

Best regards,

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