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Re: Ultra 10, onboard VGA card or Creator?

In article <5JLbj-52T-5@gated-at.bofh.it>,
 "Andrew, Chris Mr" <Chris.Andrew485@mod.uk> wrote:

> Hi, all.
> Just about to take delivery of an Ultra 10.  It has a build in VGA card
> (not 13W3 :-( ), but I will also have a Creator (13W3) card to fit.  I
> have a Sun GDM monitor, does anybody know which card performs best?  I'd
> rather use the Creator, because I have a spare 13W3 connector hanging
> off my monitor.
> Many thanks,
> Chris.

Use the creator, the vga is not for performance, more a terminal type 
thing. The vga is good if u want to setup a server without X.


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