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More Sparc 20 silliness


I had some spare time yesterday so I did some more playing with 
my SS20s.

- First, I was wrong about not booting at least with my 180mhz 
Ross Hypersparcs.  Debian sarge does boot.  It seems a bit grumpy
given that top doesn't work, and, it seems really poky compared to
a 60mhz SuperSparc, but it does seem to boot and run.  It find it
interesting that my benchmarks show that it runs approx 2x the 
speed of a 60mhz SuperSparc, but, things *seem* slower if they involve
running lots of programs or lots of disk i/o.  Like say running
a ./configure on something.

- Trying a dual 180mhz setup with the SMP kernel was fatal though.

- Since I'd gone to the trouble to install the SMP kernel, and, I had
both a 60mhz and an 85mhz CPU sitting around, I tried them together.
I figured that the worst I could do was void my guarantee.  Much to my
suprise (and the folks at http://mbus.sunhelp.org/), it actually
worked.  It's quite a nice speedup on this system, especially when
running Firefox (since firefox gets one cpu and X gets the other).  It
also doubled my network performance when running rsync on nfs mounted
disks since each rsync process got a cpu.

Debian is quite pleasing this system.



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