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Sun CG14 and XFree86


This, hopefully, will help prevent others from scratching their
heads trying to figure this out.  I have a SS20/SX, which has the 
internal VSIMM so that the onboard cg14 frame buffer is used.
Worked fine in text mode, and didn't work with XFree86.  It kept
telling me it could not work in 24 bit mode.  Huh?  This is a 
24bit adapter, that's the point on a SS20.  So, I went down
to 16, and then 8.  No go.

It wants DefaultDepth    32.  Once that is put into 
 /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 then all is happy.  

Though it is worth cautioning that the word acceleration
stays far away from the CG14 at the moment so it's, um, 
relaxed.  A TurboGX (cg6) is way way faster if this is
important to you.



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