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Re: More on installing Etch beta 2 on Sunfire V240

> I've now downloaded the Silo 1.4.11 sources and am trying to compile
> them, but when I run 'make' I encounter the below problem.  Two of
> Silo's dependencies come from the kernel sources, so I had to install
> the 2.6.15 sources and copy include/linux/ext2_fs.h to the Silo source
> tree's include/ext2fs subdir.

Thats not the right way.
 You need to install instead the  e2fslibs-dev packages

> Is anyone running Etch on Sparc and able to compile Silo 1.4.11?

Yes I :) it works here allright. now i go to build an .deb with
everything extra for you :). 

i hope that we can get this good tested. i will upload it to 
http://flexserv.de/docu/sparc (right now not working)
when ist ready. next few hours

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