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Re: Ultra 10 processor support

Pete Clarke wrote:

I would concur with the idea of getting a SCSI card - all my Sun boxes have SCSI cards - only about £30 from eBay for a reasonable one - makes all the difference - the U10 with 440/1GB/72GB SCSI doesn't feel much slower than my U60 Dual 450/2GB/72GB SCSI on desktop tasks...certainly faster than it should given it's age :-)

I have to agree, my Ultra10 (440MHz, 1GB RAM) is plenty fast enough for normal desktop use. I popped a Promise Fastrack TX2 Ultra100 IDE card and a 100GB 7200rpm hdd in it for some big, fast, cheap storage and it's given it a new lease of life. Admittedly the Promise card is a bit shoddy and throws timing errors if you try to drive it over ATA-66 but it's still a darn sight faster than the onboard IDE controller.

fwiw, whilst trawling through my bits box I also stuck a USB-2 card in it and now use my nice Microsoft trackball in X rather than the nasty old Sun compact1 unit.


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