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Re: Ultra 10 processor support

don't get the 440.  we had about 100 of them, 90+% of which failed
within 18 months.

I have had no problems with the 5 or so I have running here.....luck of the draw I guess - which applies to pretty much every component part.

the 333's, on the other hand, are still going strong.

I must admit the 333 I have feels just as quick as the 440's - all have 1GB ram which helps enormously.

in general though, they're a pretty slow machine.  the IDE controller
doesn't help either.

I would concur with the idea of getting a SCSI card - all my Sun boxes have SCSI cards - only about £30 from eBay for a reasonable one - makes all the difference - the U10 with 440/1GB/72GB SCSI doesn't feel much slower than my U60 Dual 450/2GB/72GB SCSI on desktop tasks...certainly faster than it should given it's age :-)


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