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Sun Enterprise 4000 insmod problem

Dear All,
    I have a Sun Enterprise 4000 (e4000, e4K) that I am trying to get
Debian Sarge to run on.  Now I installed debian on the hard drive
using a SS2 Dual Proc so that it would install the smp kernel.  I did
a base install and only added a couple things like Kernel Source and
Tree.  It boot's fine, but won't allow me to insmod the sunhme or any
net driver as it gives this error unresolved symbol in $driver
crc32_le_Rsmp_92ea4ae4.  It is running the generic
2.4.27-2-sparc64-smp.  Version gives me "Debian 1:3.3.5-13".  The
config of the e4K is 6 processors (It's kinda col having six penguins
at the top of the boot screen :-) )  and 3GB Ram over 3 Mainboards. 
There are two SBUS boards, and it is the 66MHz backplane and
clockboard.  I have 2 Disk boards but they are not installed.  Any
help would be appreciated.
	Chris Brandstetter

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