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bbc, envctrl and Sun Blade 2000


I recently install a debian on a SunBlade 2000, using etch netinstall
because sarge one do not handle USB keyboard.

After finding that I need to load qlogiqfc on tty2 to see my disk in
the partition tool, and to /etc/yaird/Default.cfg, my debian is

CPUFreq works but there is no control on the fans and CPU temperature.

I try to modprobe bbc and envctrl but the answer is "no such device".

dmesg show me this:

ebus0: [flashprom] [bbc] [ppm] [i2c -> (dimm-fru) (dimm-fru)
       (dimm-fru) (dimm-fru) (nvram) (idprom)] [i2c -> (cpu-fru)
       (temperature) (cpu-fru) (temperature) (fan-control)
       (card-reader) (motherboard-fru) (i2c-bridge)] [beep] [audio]
       [rtc] [gpio] [pmc] [floppy] [para llel] [serial]

So the bbc device is listed, recognised on ebus0 but the module can
not load.

Do you have some hints ?

I try 2.6.15 from debian, from kernel.org and 2.6.16-rc6 from

Daniel 'NebuchadnezzaR' Dehennin
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