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Re: Bug#306476: quick question about Bug#306476

On Monday 27 February 2006 04:21, Randall Wayth wrote:
> To get to this point, I had also tried the latest etch cd installer
> which uses a 2.6 kernel. This installer failed at other points (I had
> to modprobe esp and it couldn't mount the disk after partitioning, and
> something else too...) but what was useful was that it told me that the
> module for the scsi controller was called "esp". Since this is an sbus
> system, not pci, there doesn't appear to be an equivalent of "lspci"
> which would have solved my problem immediately. (If there is such a
> thing, please let me know.)

There is actually. Recent sparc images include 'prtconf' and use that to 
detect sbus devices.

> So all's well that ends well. If you think that the failure to load the
> correct scsi driver modules during the "detect cdrom" phase is a bug,
> then I'll be happy to submit one.

No need to open a new bug, just keep following up to this one.

Could you please try an install using the latest daily image [1], which is 
the candidate for the installer's Beta2 release. See if the CDROM is 
detected and the esp driver is loaded automatically.

If it does not work, could you send us the output of prtconf?

You can also try to add a line 'set -x' in /bin/discover-sbus before 
hardware detection [2]. That should give you debugging output in
/var/log/syslog that shows what's happening.

You can stop before partitioning, so no need to overwrite your exiting 
installation for this test.

Frans Pop


[2] Boot the installer with 'install debconf/priority=medium' and, before
    the step to detect cdrom hardware, switch to VT2 and edit that script
    using nano.

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