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Re: 2.6.15-1-sparc64 issues on blade 100

On Feb 12, 2006, at 1:40 PM, Admar Schoonen wrote:
...  Louis: which open boot firmware are you using?
According to /proc/openprom/openprom/version, I'm still at OBP 4.0.45 2001/02/08 14:33, could this be an issue for the framebuffer code? If not, then is it
possible that my Ati chip is a slightly different revision than yours?


I'm running OBP 4.5.9 (2002/02/07), which I think is the latest that can run on a Sparc Blade 100. Let's take this off the list and start swapping information until we get down to the bottom of this and then update folks when we are done. To start with, send me results of running "prtconf -p -v" to dump the Sparc OpenPROM tree and we can first see if there is a difference as far as the PROM's view of our hardware. Also, send me a copy of your XF86Config file and XFree86.#.log or Xorg.#.log
so I can compare it with mine.

-- Luis

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