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Re: Crazy mouse in KDE (woody)

koda80 (sent by Nabble.com) wrote:

I am having problems with my sunmouse (old 3 button with type5 sun keyboard) after I log in to kde it sometimes (allways does, just randomly timed) goes nuts and clicks and jumps around, I dont have GPM installed, so it's not that, I've tried changing baud rates and driver types (in XF86Config file) I am running woody (for the 2.2 SMP kernel, can't get a 2.4 kernel to work right; has to do with SMP and piss poor hypersparc cache handling) on a sparcstation 10 w/2 180mhz hypersparcs and 512mb of ram. BTW running a different WM like gnome or enlightenment works fine until I load a KDE app, then it's just a matter of time before it freaks out. I have tried a different type 5 kybd and mouse too. After many hours of research, I've come here for help..

Since the problem only seems to happen with KDE, I'd suspect it's KDE-related. In such a case, I'd create a new user, and log in as that user; if the problem does NOT occur with that user, I'd rename/delete all the KDE-related directories/files in my normal user directory and start over with my normal user in KDE.


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