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Re: USB on Ultra 10

Meelis Roos wrote:

VV> i tried to install an USB2.0 controller on Ultra 10 (to be able to
VV> connect an external USB device); but unfortunately the system does not
VV> boot with the USB controller inserted into a PCI slot: upon power on,
VV> the display switches on, but nothing is comes up, - even not the openboot.

I tried a generic Opti OHCI USB 1.1 controller in my U5 (same mainboard
as U10) and it worked fine. So there is some hope.
For my U5, I had to try out several cards: Don't believe what the manual says or whats written in the specs - simply try it. Some cards didn't show up, some even stop the system and some don't work reliably. In Germany, You have a 2-4 week money back guarantee when returning stuff that was ordered online. Don't know how it's
handled in Your country, though ...

Cheers, Roger
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