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Re: ayuda...!

You may find more luck posting to this list in English as this seems to
be the generally accepted language.

>     Hola mi nombre es jose robles, vivo  en venezuela y estoy tratando
> de instalar Debian Sarge 3.1 en un Sun SPARC v440, booteo con en cd
> que descarge de la pagina de debian.org para sparc  y arranca pero se
> queda  cuando dice remapping de kernel.... de alli no pasa lo estoy
> instalando desde un terminal via puerto serial 
Are you sure the CD burnt properly / have you md5sum'd it to be sure?
Also have you had a look back through the archives of the list, a few
months ago there were a number of similar problems discussed and some
solutions muted - that may help.  If there is a way of cpaturing and
posting the exact error message you get, that may help even more.


 - Martin

PS Apologise for my response being in English - it's the only language
with which I can make myself understood.

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