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install and upgrade report, sound question


I have recently upgraded an SS10 from woody to sarge, and just
installed sarge on a Ultra II.

After noticing in the installation notes the procedure for upgrading the
kernel-libc-initrd-tools-etc circular dependency, the SS10 upgrade went
rather smoothly.

The Ultra 2 shown some interesting behaviour with the CD: she booted from
it, and after that it was unable to mount the cdrom, while cat
/dev/cdroms/cdrom0 did gave an output. After reboot, it have worked.

The Ultra 2 have a frame buffer, so I installed X and gnome and etc, and
everything went well. However I have noticed several oopses
seemingly triggered by gnome-settings.

The installer did not update /etc/modules, so after reboot the network
did not stand up. But at least there were no oopses either.

Running xmms, I got the following warnings:
** WARNING **: SNDCTL_DSP_SETFMT ioctl failed: Invalid argument

** WARNING **: SNDCTL_DSP_SPEED ioctl failed: Invalid argument

The sound I hear is either nothing, or sounds like when you cat the
kernel image to /dev/dsp.

I use cs4231 module for audio.

Question: I would like to have xmms (or another program with its
functionality) working smoothly. What to do?
Is it the audio module not accepting the ioctls it would have to,
or xmms issuing the wrong ones?

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