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Re: Net-booting a linux kernel on an Ultra 5

On 8/31/05, Jim MacBaine <jmacbaine@gmail.com> wrote:

> an x86 Debian system. Can someone give me a clue, how to create the
> correct device files for a sparc /dev?

Ok, solved that one, too.  Copied a /dev from a x86 system, created
/dev/sunmouse manually according the devices.txt from the kernel docs,
created an /etc/inittab manually. When I add init=/bin/bash to the
kernel command line, I get a working bash on the Ultra 5 and can walk
around the file system.

Is there a way to resume the installation at the point where
debootstrap failed when it tried to chroot into the sparc file system?

Another question arised, too: Does mknbi work for sparc64 kernels? The
kernel command line is quite long and i would like to embed it in the
image as I do on x86.  But mknbi-linux tells me:
vmlinux.aout: not a Linux kernel image


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