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Re: OT: Set OpenBoot input device

Thank you very much for your input, Chris and Klaus!

I found a lucky solution I had not expected.  At one more reboot, the
NetBSD kernel found that it had mounted the root fs for many times.
The following fsck failed and I got dropped into single user mode.
There I found that NetBSD has an eeprom command, too, which allowed me
to reset the eeprom setting.

On 8/30/05, Klaus Klein <k.klein@gmx.de> wrote:

> I belive it is the same on the Ultra 5 and therefore you might be
> 'listening' on the wrong tty.

Yes, that's why my serial approach failed in the first time.  I was
using a standard 9-pin-female to 9-pin-female no-modem cable.  But
after I have read some docs at sun.com, I found out that the
9-pin-male connector at the back of the Ultra 5 is ttyb and not ttya. 
ttya is a 25-pin-female connector instead of the 25-pin-male connector
I know out of the pc world.  I think I need to buy an adaptor.


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