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Re: Ultra 5 disk performance [Was: More storage for my Ultra10]

> The system was equipped with its original IDE disk and a newer 200GB
> one (btw: all 200gigs are available with newer 2.6 kernels).
I had gotten an email off-list from someone else who had put a large
disk into his system and had it work. I had thought that the drive size
limitation was a hardware problem (a lack of addressing bits), at least
with x86 PC hardware. Am I wrong, or does it not matter somehow since
this is Sun hardware?

Did you try the larger drive with 2.4? 
This may be a moot question, since I don't think that SATA has been
backported to 2.4. Is that correct?

(fwiw, I would like to stick with 2.4 primarily because 2.6 has a bad
bug involving the parallel printer port. I believe that this bug is
still open.)

The old 9 GB IDE was giving me trouble last week (read errors), so I
swapped a spare 120 GB I had from another project into the U10. I was
getting around 12.5 mb/s with the old disk, now I get about 15 mb/s
with the 120 GB disk (which is a bog-standard,n not-a-speed-demon
disk). It's noticably quicker, but I'm still interesting in size rather
than speed. I won't be able read or write files faster than 100 mbit
ethernet speeds, regardless of what sort of disk(s) are in the server.

-- darin

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