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future libc6-sparcv9 and libc6-sparcv9b support


I have a question about optimization package: libc6-sparcv9 and
libc6-sparcv9b.  Both packages are prepared for optimized versions of
libc6.  They are currently supported - but I would like to know what
the advantage of those packages is.  Just optimization?  Are those
packages widely used?

These days 2.6 kernel is getting popularity, so it's nice time to
support NPTL on sparc systems.  But having a lot of optimized packages
and variants like NPTL take much longer build time + maintenance cost.
If we replace unpopular optimized libc6 packages with NPTL libc6 in
future, it's much valuable for users, I think.

How about to drop libc6-sparcv9/sparcv9b and introduce NPTL-enabled
libc6 in future?

-- gotom

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