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RE: Remote printing from a Solaris box to a remote Debian-CUPS server

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> Of F. Kappen
> Richard Mortimer wrote:

> thank you very much. That helped a lot and things are now 
> clearer to me. I
> followed your advices and after a "dpkg-reconfigure 
> cupsys-bsd" , a "apt-get
> install telnetd" and numerous trials with "update-inetd" and 
> "telnet" I came
> to the point, where I could establish a telnet connection 
> from "SolarisBox" to
> "Debian-system":

You can actually remove telnetd. You do not need that.

Another test might be to see if debian system can print to itself via lpd.
Go to the cups printer administration page. Add a new printer and use the
printer url at


Where xxx is your printername. Use a printer type of raw

Then try to print to the printer e.g.

echo "hello" | lpr -P newprintername

If that works then the problem lies on the Solaris box (or in the access
control lists of cups)

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