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More storage for my Ultra10

I have an Ultra10. It does very light duty as my personal subversion
server and as a print server for the apartment. I would like to add
more storage to it, primarily for near-line storage of my music
collection. I'd probably be serving files through samba because I have
to support a couple of windows laptops. I'd basically be running samba
(which will be firewalled to the local subnet only), plus apache (with
dav and svn), ssh and ddclient on the machine. 

I'm primarily an x86 guy.

Unless I'm mistaken, my Ultra10 will only hold 2 drives in addition to
the CDROM. Is that right? 

My understanding that the on-board IDE will only support 128GB drives.
Is that true? 

So, if I want to add a lot of storage to the machine, I need to add a
new storage adapter of some sort. USB and SCSI are out (lack of speed
and lack of affordability.) Am I better off buying a PATA or SATA card?
SATA cards seem to be more expensive, but perhaps I am future-proofing
myself a little bit.

Obviously, I'd need to buy appropriate drives, either way. Drives seem
to cost about the same PATA or SATA. I'd prefer disks that are bigger,
quieter and cooler over disks that are fast.

Does anyone have an specific hardware that they can recommend?
Particularly PATA or SATA cards that will work with a U10 and kernel
2.4 and won't take a lot of fiddling to get running?

-- darin

Database Development and Administration 

"I am always willing to run some hazard of being tedious, in order to be sure that I am perspicuous" Adam Smith

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