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Re: Deb on Sparc Station 5

On Saturday 13 Aug 2005 21:05, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> John Bowden wrote:
> > SCSI is an internal one. I tried plugging it in but being new to this
> > architecture I don't know how to tell it to look look for the CD ROM.
> > I have 16 of these machines coming. Got 1 to play with at the moment but
> > it won't finish booting. Stops while it looks for an ip from dns server.
> > From what I have been told they used to belong to Wolverhampton
> > university. I figured it would be easier to load a new OS. I decided on
> > Deb as they do an Intel version that I could load onto one of my other
> > machines to get used to how Deb does things.
> Provided that it stops at an OpenPROM prompt you should be able to type
> "boot cdrom". You should be able to force it to the prompt by holding the
> STOP and A keys during startup. There's an adequate help command.
I have Done the Stop A sequence and that's when it asks for the password.
> > When I go into the open boot it asks for a password.
> In that case you've got problems. Google for other people's solution to
> this, but as I said if you can find one that works you'll be able to copy
> the NVRAM- it's a standard Timekeeper RAM.
Some one on the list sudjested taking the rom out and putting it back in after 
Stop A sequence, but I don't fancy doing that unless I have to. 
> > I would like to use some of the spare monitors on my Intel boxes as they
> > won't be used on the SS5's
> Many of the available adapters aren't fully wired, e.g. I've got one like
> that from RS Components.
Does it work?
> > I have got keyboards and mice for all the SS5's
> Which quite frankly are probably worth more than the SSes.
I beg borrow and steal all sorts of computer equipment to play with, but not 
very good at getting rid of it. I got a loft full of stuff :-)
> > Do you think it might be better to rob the memory out of half the boxes
> > and use in the other half. When I turn on all my network the local power
> > station has to fire up another generater to keep up ;-)
> Possibly, but these machines are CPU-challenged and adding memory won't fix
> that.
I got them to learn about linux clustering so the amount of work they can do 
is not a priority. The power consumption might be. I go-ta pay the 
electricity bill! Once I have the knowledge I can spend the cash and build 
something that is capable of doing some real work.
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