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Remote printing from a Solaris box to a remote Debian-CUPS server

Hi all,

meanwhile my  Ultra1 (sarge, kernel 2.4.27-2) can print via its serial
port to the attached HP-Laserjet4P; the spooler I use is CUPS. Next
thing I want to do is using this printer as a remote printer. This is
difficult in so far as the print client is no Debian system, but a SUN
box running Solaris 9. On the print client (SUN Solaris9) I added the
remote printer with the command:

SolarisBox:# lpadmin -p  rljet4p -s <remote debian system>

A ping from the SolarisBox to the remote "Debian-system" is OK:

SolarisBox:# ping <debian-system>
<debian-system> is alive

However checking the remote printer with

SolarisBox:# lpstat -p ljet4p
printer ljet4p faulted printing ljet4p-0. enabled since Aug 12 13:10
2005. available.
        server <debian-system> not responding

results in this error message. Although I edited the
"/etc/cups/cupsd.conf" file and inserted a line:

"Allow From <SolarisBox> "

I guess the SolarisBox uses the TCP-protocol, but I don't know which
port it uses. Also, I'm not sure if the CUPS spooler on the remote
Debian print-server can catch the lpd-request from the SolarisBox at all
and if so, which port does the spooler use.? I browsed through the
documentation and googled the web, but I found no thread or doc that
deals with my problem. The only hint I found was a doc of the
suse-distribution, which mentions a LPD-protocol "cups-lpd".


However, I found nothing adequate in the Debian distribution.

I am aware that my problem is not an all day issue, but maybe someone of
this list has had the same idea and knows more about this subject.
Please let me know.


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