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Re: Problems with an Ultra 5

Try to see what is going on with a console plug on the serial port
(I've never done it though...)
Or give a try here :
last time, I had the right answer quickly.

2005/8/5, Tyler <pml@dtbb.net>:
> I'm trying to set up an Ultra 5 that I purchased last year, but am
> having problems getting anything out of it.  I've hooked it up to power,
> network, video and sun type 6 keyboard/mouse (not usb).  I've then
> turned it on, a few seconds goes by with the monitor not doing anything,
> then, the monitor gets a signal, and comes out of power save mode, but
> this only lasts 5 or 10 seconds, before it goes back to power save mode
> (no signal) (and never gets a signal again), so this isn't long enough
> to see anything on the screen because the screen isn't on long enough
> (doesn't warm up) to actually see the image.
> The system sounds like its doing something still, as the 8.4gb IDE hard
> drive chugs away for 30 seconds to a minute, before becoming quiet
> again.  At this point.. I don't know what (if anything) I can do ..
> without rebooting it again (is there a key combo for rebooting?).  I've
> tried turning it on with a debian sarge net install bootable CD, and a
> solaris 9 install cd, both do the same thing as above.
> At this point, I'm looking for help (documentation) on setting up, and
> troubleshooting an ultra5/10 system, lists of key combinations that may
> help me (I've read that STOP + A during power on may get me to the OBP
> open boot prompt, however, I haven't had the chance to try this option
> yet, and am not really sure what settings may need changing once i'm
> there, to stop the video from disabling itself, or whatever its doing).
> Thanks,
> Tyler.
> PS - My goal is to get debian installed.  If someone can point me to
> some *specific* docs to troubleshoot such linux un-related problems on a
> sun machine, so I can actually get to installing linux, I would
> appreciate it.  Also, there's been a few messages on the mailing list
> that seem to point out that the standard debian net install CD is not
> useable on an ultra5 system... if this is true, can someone please point
> specifically to one that will work, for when I actually get to the point
> of installing :)
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