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Re: unable to boot on the netinst CD

On Thu, Aug 04, 2005 at 03:20:17PM +0100, Pooly wrote:

> I'm trying to install a Debian 3.1 on an Ultra5. When I boot on the CD
> (3.1r0a-sparc-netinst) I end up with a kernel panic with :
> Ramdisk : couldn't find valid RAM disk image starting at 0
> Cramfs: wrong magic
> I've google a bit, and I've found nothing which works. 
> Any hints on this ?

I'm not sure, but our wiki [1] might have some information for you:

  [1 Aug 05] sparc netboot image needs to be passed ramdisk_size=16000
             to boot properly

I've also tried to install the daily netboot image (20050804) on an
Ultra5, but it hangs when trying to mount the cd (after asking
questions about language, location, keyboard setup and hardware
detection. A known bug?

- Werner

[1] http://wiki.debian.net/?DebianInstallerToday

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