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Re: An (flamebait ?) idea to preserve debian on sparc32...

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005, Dave Love wrote:

dolbeaur@club-internet.fr (Romain Dolbeau) writes:

Splitting the port between sparc32-v7, sparc32-v8 and sparc-v9 would
permit multiple libc, with or without a kernel change, and with backward
availability of packages if the kernel is similar enough.

Since there's already a v9 libc package, I assume there's no problem
in principle of providing a v7 one, which can surely be built.

I have been providing the glibc debs built without v8 optimizations
and thus usable on v7 for a while now. Check out the wiki page at


If someone is willing to invest serious effort into supporting sparc32 machines (including sparc4c), I suggest to create a project on alioth for that purpose.

Best regards,

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