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Re: hardware sensors

"David S. Miller" <davem@redhat.com> writes:

> The bbc-envctrl driver supports the temperature and fan
> sensors on the SunBlade1000 systems.

For what it's worth, I tried it on v210 in hope that the hardware
might be similar, but the module doesn't load.

> I guess there must be a fan-speed and/or temperature sensor
> hookup somewhere in the SunBlade100... but I have no idea
> where.

prtconf does at least show temperature on i2c and fan control:

        pmu (driver probably installed)
            i2c (driver probably installed)
                temperature (driver probably installed)
                card-reader (driver probably installed)
                dimm-spd (driver probably installed)
                dimm-spd (driver probably installed)
            beep (driver probably installed)
            ppm (driver probably installed)
            fan-control (driver probably installed)

The sensors Solaris prtdiag lists don't show up directly from prtconf
on v2x0.

Are these things likely to be straightforward to access if one wanted
to try as an exercise?  Presumably, the necessary info can be got from
OpenSolaris these days, if nowhere else.

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