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Re: An (flamebait ?) idea to preserve debian on sparc32...

2005-07-27, sze keltezéssel 10.23-kor Romain Dolbeau ezt írta:

> So my idea is: why not go over to a kernel and libc that actually
> support all of the above ? Namely, the NetBSD kernel...

I am free software fundamentalist, so using BSD licenced code
is only marginally acceptable for me.

Also, I think this solution have greater support burden than the
linux kernel way, where only some packages need special attention,
one of them is the kernel which I am used to custom-build anyway.
You would need to maintain buildd, cope with bugs in the all the
user space related to bsdisms, maintain special packages, etc.

I guess having a special repository with only the packages where
"upstream debian" is not acceptable is the Debian way to go, if
there are enough resources even for that.

I hope the above did not flame;)

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