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Re: problems using a printer at my ultra5

Peter wrote:

FWIW: I didn't have any problems using a USB printer on both my Blade 100 and on
my Ultra 5 with USB card
You lucky one !

Hi, what kind of USB card were you using in your Ultra 5? I tried a card
with a viao chipset that I had lying around, but the machine wouldn't
even boot up with that.

I tried several USB cards. First time, one out of three works ...
This was fine for usb-storage or to connect to embedded devices.
(I send the results of my search to this list, too)

Next I bought an USB-Soundcard which wasn't even recognized
as new USB device when plugged in ... New search, now one out
of two works.

Function is not a matter of price, though. The card that I'm now
running was less than 30 EUR. It also recognizes the printer as
I've written. Problems occur within cups while running some ioctl()

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