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Re: Headless Ultra1, SSH and X11-forwarding

On Tue, 2005-07-19 08:31:52 +0200, F. Kappen <kappen@tfh-berlin.de> wrote:
> I installed Sarge (kernel 2.4.27) on my "Ultra1-headless". The machine
> has no console attached. I communicate with it via the serial port and
> over the net via SSH. From my desktop  computer "Ultra1-desktop"-
> another Ultra1 running Solaris9 - I can connect to the headless machine
> and establish a X11-connection by manually setting the "DISPLAY"
> environment on  the "Ultra1-headless" and allowing access with "+xhost"
> on my "Ultra1-desktop". But when I try to establish a secure

Better do it via ssh...

> X-connection via SSH
>         desktop>  ssh  -X -v  Ultra1-headless
> I always get the error message "Can't open Display".

First of all, 'set | grep DISPLAY' to see if the DISPLAY variable
has been set. If not, most probably you forgot to allow X11 forwarding
(look at /etc/ssh/sshd_config) or the xauth program isn't installed.
It's in the xbase-clients package.

If both is given, look at the output of 'ssh -v -v -v -X
Ultra1-headless' for failures.

Another problem that just comes to mind is that sshd usually knots
network connections to machine names. So if your local name resover is
configured wrongly, the name may point to incorrect addresses...

> My question is, am I doing something wrong or is it impossible to
> establish a X-connection via SSH to a headless machine?  I would like to
> hear from you.

No, your ssh -X call is quite correct. Most probably, something of the
stuff around isn't configured properly. Starting X11 clients on a
headless machine is perfectly fine.


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