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RE: Booting Debian Sarge on SUN Ultra 10

Hi Oto,

Not so sure that this will be the same issue I had with the SPARC4 but,
have you checked your symlinks when you have booted up manually?

I had an issue where the symlinks were not created correctly for my
setup and once I had changed them to FULL paths, the system booted fine
with no user interaction.

Perhaps you can put some log info and let us know what you have done,
does it boot when you do it manually?



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From: Oto Malencik [mailto:Oto.Malencik@tuke.sk] 
Sent: 15 July 2005 12:27
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Subject: Booting Debian Sarge on SUN Ultra 10

Dear sirs.

I encountered following problem.

While booting after installing Debian Sparc on SUN ULTRA 10 I see


after pressing ENTER it appears

Kernel doesn't support loading to high memory, restoring .... done.
Loading Kernel 2.6.8 Loading initial ram disk ..... Fast Data Access NMU

and OS doesn't start

Thanks for answer

Best regards

Oto Malencik

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