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Re: partitioning for dual boot

On Tue, 12 Jul 2005 23:43, Dave Love wrote:
> <foo_bar_baz_boo-deb@yahoo.com> writes:
> > No big deal. Eat the disk label by using dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd??
> > count=1 bs=1M in the installer's spare command console; then recreate
> > it with the parted partition editor.
> Parted and fdisk both produce bad labels as far as Solaris is
> concerned.  However, I think I just potted the problem.  The same sort
> of disk in another machine running Solaris reports:
>   Volume name = <        >
>   ascii name  = <SUN36G cyl 24620 alt 2 hd 27 sec 107>
>   pcyl        = 24622
>   ncyl        = 24620
>   acyl        =    2
>   nhead       =   27
>   nsect       =  107
> whereas the fdisk-created one has
>   Disk /dev/sda (Sun disk label): 27 heads, 107 sectors, 10025 rpm
>   24622 cylinders, 2 alternate cylinders, 24624 physical cylinders
> i.e. it seems to be confusing cylinders and physical cylinders.  I'm
> not sure whether parted chose these or whether I was confused in
> copying them from the Solaris version when I re-labelled.  However,
> the disk was originally running Solaris and got trashed by the
> installer when I added the linux partitions.
> The fdisk `c' and `y' commands don't actually work to change these.
> `p' shows new values, but `w' doesn't actually save them.

I had the same problem exactly with my 73Gb drives in the 'blade 1k - I 
couldn't get the CHS settings to change and stay put after a reset.

Kill off the "whole disk" partition, exit fdisk, restart fdisk, set the CHS, 
write the partition table back to disk, restart fdisk, recreate partition 3 
(whole disk), write the partition table back to disk, restart fdisk, create 
your desired partitions, etc....

Long laborious process, but it worked for me on the 1K.


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