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Re: tg3 driver fails

DSM> No user wants to hear a story, they want their systems to work, and
DSM> developers do too.  I don't want to hear a story either, because all I
DSM> see are user's systems not working and nothing that can be done about
DSM> it at this time.

There are also other kinds of people who just choose the vendors who
work with opensource community and whose products do not need nonfree
firmware. Personally, I have stayed away from tg3 (among other things)
because the vendor and/or driver authors can't make it work hassle-free
for me. It _seems_ to go against kernel and Debian policies and so
causes troubles. As a user, I see nothing wrong with (for instance)
standard firmware loading interface support so nonfree firmware can be
supported better by distributions.

Meelis Roos

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