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Re: Sarge: Sparc5 Parallel Port - no such Device

> I just netinstalled a Sparc 5 with Debian Sarge. After tweaking around with
> the XF86 it's running ok now.
> Except: The printer (HPLJ2100) is not working, what is bad for a print
> server :-)
> During my troubleshooting I figured, that the parallel port device is not
> ok. It used to work earlier with Solaris.
> lpadmin returned "no such device ..." for lp0.
> config-2.4.27-2-sparc32
Is this the standard Debian/Sarge kernel?  You didn't say which one you
were running :-)

from my archives I have this reference, it may help:
also check the archives, there have been other people trying to persuade
parallel ports to work.


 - Martin

"Seasons change, things come to pass"

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