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Re: Sarge Release Notes - Architecture specific news?

inkubus wrote:

Sun4d is the Sparcserver 1000 and 2000 series, they are 32 bit SMP
boxes. Very similar to Sun4m, they work fine in single processor mode
with 2.4.27 and above, but SMP is still badly broken. More kernel work
is required.
Have you directly tested >= 2.4.27 ?  Last time I checked everything from
about 2.4 onwards was kinda broken.  There is a fix for the 2.2.20 kernel
to get SMP working on machines with uniform clock speeds (IIRC each board
must have consistant speed processors but it can vary between boards).

In the past there has been quite a bit of interest on this list about
resurrecting sun4d support, all that appears to be missing is someone to
co-ordinate the effort.

When I tested it woody did not run 'out of the box' on sun4d.  I do not
know of anyone trying sarge.
All of my work was done in Splack, rather than Debian.
Looking at my notes - Sun4d UP needs my patches which are in 2.4.29
Sun4d SMP is still broken, and fixing it is beyond my skills.
There are 2 known issues, possibly related.
1) Serial console corruption
2) SMP instability seems to be IRQ related

I will try Sarge in the next few days and report back, but I suspect that I will need to upgrade to 2.4.29 or later.
AFAIK nobody has done any work on 2.6.x for Sun4d.

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