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Re: zs_open tts/%d0, tty overwrite.

On Wednesday 18 May 2005 08:58, Hanno Hecker wrote:
> Seems like init couldn't open the device, the PID of the getty just
> raised without doing anything. First guess: caused by changing
> something in /etc/inittab and 'telinit q'. At least it's in your log

Your guess is correct, base-config has this code in /usr/lib/menu/finish.d
if [-f /etc/inittab.real ]; then
    mv -f /etc/inittab.real /etc/inittab
    telinit -q >/dev/null
    # Clear the screen, in preparation for the login prompt

The obvious question is: is the inittab.real valid?
Another file to check would be /etc/securetty


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