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Re: small dns daemon / forwarder ?

On 05/07/05 05:34:19PM -0400, Andrew Hicox wrote:
> Hello everyone:
> I have a number of machines behind a NAT firewall. Because I don't like 
> to manage hosts files on all of the machines, I usually set up bind on 
> my Ultra-1 running debian. BIND has a zone file for my domain, and 
> reverse DNS info for each of my internal IP's, so it provides 
> 'internal' DNS on my network as well as caching and forwarding DNS 
> requests outside my domain.
> The problem is that BIND is a beast, and using it in this manner is 
> like trying to swat a fly with an ICBM. It's using a lot of CPU, and 
> it's a pain in the butt to configure. On top of that, and what's really 
> prompted my to investigate BIND alternatives, is that named just goes 
> absolutely nuts when it can't find a root server, and that happens from 
> time to time from my DSL line. When it can't talk to a root server, 
> named goes all cornolio and logs that fact like crazy, soaks the CPU on 
> the machine and fills up /var in like 20 minutes flat. (this in spite 
> of having category lame-servers { null; }; in named.conf)

I have never seen that happen and my cable connection is less than perfect.
I'm running bind9 9.2.4-1, my box has 102 days of uptime and named has 
taken less than an hr and half of CPU time. And if you setup bind with a
set of forwarders, why would it try to hit the root servers?

> I can't imagine I'm the first guy in the history of the world to have 
> run across this problem. Does anyone know of a good lightweight dns 
> daemon that can do what I'm looking for?

I've seen a few bind alternatives, but haven't really had a reason to
investigate them as bind works for me.
> thanks,
> -Andrew


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