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Re: Debian Sparc Buildd

Jurij Smakov schrieb:
On Tue, 15 Mar 2005, Blars Blarson wrote:

As far as I understand, the main problems with sparc are not
availability of hardware.


There have been kernel porting issues, and I beleive additional help
could be used there.

Debian-installer could use more testing, especially on newer systems.
USB keyboards and other hardware not in 5-year old workstations are
areas that most need testing.

sun4c/sun4d are not being supported in sarge, (at least for new
installs) and it looks like sun4m (the last sparc32) will not be in
etch even if sparc is a release architecture.

While I would not mind having a faster machine available for building testing/debugging kernels, I agree with Blars that the lack of hardware may hardly be considered a bottleneck. Comments about other points:

* Kernel situation seems to be more or less ok at the moment. Sparc kernel images are built from the common kernel-source, and all the patches we produce get promptly accepted upstream in most cases (thanks to Dave Miller and William Lee Irwin III for doing a good job!). It would be nice if people would be more active in testing new kernel - see the wiki page at [0] on how to help.

I just secured myself a Blade 100. Should get it some time around next week.

Has anybody on top of his head a source for RAM Modules (cheep and acessable from Germany) for that Baby?


greets Uwe
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