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Re: Elite3D PCI, anyone?

I had an Elite card in my Ultra 60.  You need to install a package to get it to 
work.  The package is afbinit, and comes with Woody. 
Unfortunately, you also have to use proprietary code from a Solaris CD.  
Eventually I gave up and used the Creator card that originally came with 
my Ultra 30. 
I did install Redhat and Suse (Sparc versions) from linuxiso.org, and they 
seemed to work with the card.  Perhaps they had proprietary code in them, 
a few years, ago. 
Hope this is of some help. 
 Message date : Mar 01 2005, 08:00 PM 
 From : "Luigi Gangitano" <luigi@debian.org> 
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 Subject : Elite3D PCI, anyone? 
 I'm pleased to become part of the debian sparc minority (as some folks 
 on -devel want to point out: "let's remove all of them!!!"). :-) 
 So here I have my brand new Sun Blade 100 (not that new...) to help 
 debian spread on Sparc. Installation went fine, new kernel as well. Just 
 the Elite3D PCI is not recongnized by X: 
 0000:01:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intergraph Corporation: 
Unknown device 07a0 
 I've seen the SBus drivers, and will be hacking the next days on them. 
 Did anyone already solved the puzzle? (just asking). 
 Ok. In the end this message was only to say "I'm here too". If this 
 machine can be of any help as a testing or building machine, raise your 
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