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Re: A strace - to whom this may give a deeper insight


Looking at the logs that you provide I don't think that they give the
detail that you intend. They show the strace of /usr/bin/X11/startx but
it is actually the X server that is dying. Re-run the test with

strace -f startx
(or to save output directly to file use   
strace -f startx > debuglog_go 2>&1

This traces into the child processes of startx. You will get much more
output but it should capture the detail that is needed.

I cannot remember if you posted /var/log/XFree86.0.log earlier but it
would probably be good to capture the contents that go with both working
and non-working cases.


On Mon, 2004-11-29 at 08:49, Jurzitza, Dieter wrote:
> Dear listmembers,
> this is strace startx with kernel 2.4.27 (X11 functional, debuglog_go) and 2.4.28 (X11 disfunctional, debuglog_nogo) on my U60.
> Take care
> Dieter

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